About us


we are Martynas and Greta - brand CF | Candle Family brand founders. We started our activity in 2017 in Lithuania with a small wax heating pot and since then we have spent countless hours developing and testing newly developed products.

Candle Family factory

is located in Klaipėda district, Lithuania. In 2021, our company settled in new production premises, where the production and storage area occupies 700 sq.m. and administrative premises of 200 sq.m. Here we have also set up a product presentation area where Customers can familiarize themselves with all CF products. CF Customers are always welcome in our house of fragrances and everyone is warmly welcomed with a cup of coffee.


Our candles, fragrances and other products are made mostly by hand, not automated processes, so each product is hand touched and becomes unique before it is shipped. At the same time, in our production process, we use many candle pouring molds, different glass jars and other additional equipment, which allows us to be flexible and offer our products from small to very large quantities.


our company produces and sells more than 400 different scented products including natural wax candles, fragrances, car fragrances, gift sets. We offer our products to hundreds of companies, also we create individual personalized business gifts for many more.

We are happy to know that the products we develop reach CF lovers not only in Lithuania, but also widely throughout the world.

Thank you to everyone who is with the Candle Family!