Honey brown interior candle (round)


Attention! Candles are selected by size. For a set, it is necessary to put the candle of each size in the basket separately.

Candle Family candles of natural wax, handmade, impressive size. Palm wax candles cast at a special temperature give the surface of the candles an exceptional "frost" structure. Candles are perfect for decorating the interior of a home or outdoor terrace. Natural wax candles are safe to burn in homes and other indoor spaces. Candles are packed in natural, recycled paper cardboard boxes, perfect for gifting.


Round 10x14 cm - burning time 86 hours.
Round 10x22 cm - burning time 136 hours.
Round 10x30 cm - burning time 186 hours.
Round 10x37 cm - burning time 228 hours.


After lighting the candle for the first time, burn it for 1 hour, extinguish it and let it cool down, cut the wick to 1 cm long and only then light it again.

Wax walls - remain depending on the circumstances, where and how the candle is burned. Warmer - the walls are thinner, colder - thicker. Once the flame has died down, break off the edges and you can put the remaining wax back inside the candle.

Hot wax can leak, so place the candle on a safe surface. Use candlesticks or coasters to prevent spilled wax from damaging the surface. Burning candles for a long time can create excess wax that extinguishes the candle flame and melts the walls of the candle, if this happens, extinguish the candle, let the wax harden, and only then you can light it again.

Knat - cotton. It is thicker, so sometimes when burning, the flame of the candle may start to "jump", dark smoke may appear, in this case, extinguish the candle and cut the wick so that it is 1 cm long. Light it and continue to enjoy the candle flame.

Location - keep the candle away from direct sunlight and do not place the candle in hot rooms. When burning candles next to each other, move them at least 5 cm away. from each other, in which case they will burn more safely and longer.


Do not leave a burning candle unattended;
Remove the label before burning the candle;
Wax may drip, protect surfaces.


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